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Birthday Parties                              "What others are saying"

To some people no day means as much as their 'Birthday'. And this goes double for children.

Steve Farmer knows how to entertain children. And our birthday party program can make that special day memorable.

Steve has performed birthday magic shows for people, 5 years old to 80 years old.  No one is never to old to enjoy some magic.

Steve's magic show for children is a fun-filled,  magic show that gets the kids involved and makes the birthday child the star!  The show is appropriate for children 6 -12 years old (and fun-loving adults), it features music, magical productions, and if the magic is right, a levitation of the birthday child.

If desired, he will also help meet the guests at the door.  As they arrive, he entertains them with several “close-up” or pocket magic tricks.   This is a fun way to start the party because  the children are entertained and occupied the minute they enter the party.  It’s also a nice way to wait for the guests as they arrive.

As a "Mystery Detective"  he teaches the audience some methods used by detectives, "with a magical twist".

There is also an "after the show", as the children can be treated to a "Magic Lesson" .  Making this truly a Birthday to remember.

Because animals can cause problems with allergies and "accidents", and because Steve Farmer believes in the ethical treatment of animals, no live animals are used.  But that will not stop the magic .

Always! The Birthday Child IS the STAR of the show.