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Blue Saint Productions Fills Your Business Needs With Magic.

Restaurant Magic

How much time do your guests spend waiting for a table or server? An excellent dining experience can be irreparably damaged by an excessive wait before, during or after a meal. Often, these waiting periods are unavoidable, especially if your business is doing well. The solution: Magician Steve Farmer, a "Family Entertainer" can be a valuable tool to both the Restaurant and the Patron. While your patrons are waiting to be seated or served Steve Farmer will walk around, entertaining close-up, intimate tableside magic, performing miracles in the palm of your guest's hand. Presto, Steve turns a negative into a positive. The serving staff appreciates the break and the guest enjoys the extra touch of tableside entertainment. With your staff able to work more efficiently and your customers focusing on the positive rather than the negative, the probability of repeat business increases greatly.

Fee: Per hour, the fee can range from $25 to $100 dollars, depending on time of day and amount of hours per day.

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Corporate Functions                                       "What others are saying"

Do you need to Introduce a new product or VIP?

What better way is there, to give your product or VIP a proper and spectacular introduction, than with a touch of Magic?

Whether you are a car dealer showing off a new car model, a committee chairman trying to pull of an unforgettable event or a Manager trying to inspire and motivate the sales team, Blue Saint Productions can breathe Magic into your event.

This is not a video. This is not quiet, or subdued introduction.

It is Spectacular! 

So much so that anyone seeing it will be talking about it for a long time. It is fantastic! They won't just be talking about it. They will be inspired.

This is no ordinary magic. This is "Magic With A Message".

 If you are presenting a person, service or product, we will make the presentation an event, not an occasion. If you are training your employees, we will give your people the inspiration to accept your training goals and exceed your expectations!    

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