Magic Camp                                       "What others are saying"

What's a Magic Camp?? My friend Kent Cummins developed the "Magic Camp" over 20 years ago. Many have tried to copy the concept, but no one has been as successful at it as he has. He has now retired from that and now consults for the new owners.

In cooperation with "the Kent Cummins Magic Camp" I have a Magic Camp as well. It is built on the same concepts as "the Kent Cummins Magic Camp," and using some of the same instructors, and counselors.

The same great curriculum: The Juggling, Magic, Puppetry, and quality -              all the same. 

So what is different about My Magic Camp? Location. My Magic Camp takes place where you might want it. For Summer 2014 we are looking at campuses in Austin, Round Rock and Cedar Park.  (As soon as we have a location we can post prices, but we are looking to keep these prices in the same competitive range as "the Kent Cummins Magic Camp.")

The Camp is open to all children ages 6 to 12 years, and those children with special needs are also welcome as are their attendants.   

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