Trade Shows

The greatest challenge facing exhibitors at a trade show, is getting noticed. With hundreds of booths, most of them similar in size and appearance, it is no small task to stand out among the many. 

There are two obstacles which every exhibitor must overcome. The first is being noticed, and the second is being remembered. We provide the solution to both dilemmas.

As you walk through an endless maze of similar booths at a trade show, nothing will be more likely to cause you to stop and look, than a crowd of people standing around a booth. You subconsciously assume that if that many people are standing in front of the booth, there must be a good reason. Enter the Magician. Magic has a nearly universal and unique appeal. People like to be entertained, and they like to be challenged. The magician serves as a magnet to your booth.

Once they have stopped to see what is happening, it is easier to approach them with a pitch for your product or service. In this too, the services of a competent "Trade Show Magician", can be extremely helpful. Imagine watching a short but highly engrossing and entertaining and amusing magic act which also happens to present all the key selling points to your products or services. While the attendees are being entertained, they are also being informed about you and what you have to offer. At the end of the short presentation, the performer steps aside and allows you to "Close The Deal".

Another great use of a "Trade Show Magician" is what we like to call "Retention of Attention". There is a limit to how many attendees you can talk to on a one on one basis, at any given time. If the other people standing in front of your booth don't have a good reason to stick around and wait while you get a chance to speak to them, they will more than likely walk away. Even if they have a question or interest in what you have to offer, they will leave, possibly with the intention of returning at a later time. If however, they are being entertained, they will be far more likely to stick around until you are free to speak with them.

After the show is over, how do you get them to remember you? Every year, companies and organizations spend millions of dollars on clever "give - away items" and promotional information, which the trade show attendee dutifully places into a bag, often with the intention of reviewing them after the show is over. In most cases, the usually end up in a drawer and are never looked at again. Often the materials never make it past the hotel room. We can provide you with small customized magic tricks to hand out, which the attendee will want to learn and will want to share with friends and family. Each time they do the trick, they will subconsciously remember the customized patter about your service or product.

If you want to get the most out of your trade show dollars, hire us to insure that you will be noticed and remembered.